Whoa. So I didn't work on the game as much during the week as I thought I'd be able to. I've been rather sick. As of yesterday morning I had an editor and some of the basic game logic implemented, but the game was still really just a silent prototype. After dinner I came back and had the urge to try and push it across the line. So I pulled an all nighter (it's now 8.03 am in Australia) and put in the sounds, the damage, tweaked things heaps after playing it for a while, made a bunch of maps and got the GPL license stuff in order (I think!). It's still a very simple game, and I've definitely got to work on becoming a better programmer (most of the game takes place in the main loop!) but I'm happy enough with how it has turned out. I had a simple idea to begin with and didn't have to cut anything out, really. This is probably only the third game I've made with PyGame so I didn't want to get too ambitious. I think I'm happiest with the audio overall. A warning- maybe don't play this with the speakers turned all the way up. Anyway, I might sleep for a few hours then start playing through other peoples games! There seem to be some awesome ones.