Going to be a hard final day

Made some progress with the game, but not as much as I would have liked. The enemy spider can already move, and be pushed back if you hit it with a weapon, but only in one direction, and it is still very buggy.

But at least I made some progress with the intro screen (to ugly to link in the diary, but you can see it in my screenshots). I drew the Picture while driving on the bus, and you can see it. Not that it would have been much better if I would have set at a normal desk -.-'
And I don't really have time to compose a better screen. Maybe I should abandon the intro screen entirely.

Compared to the intro, the main menu did turn out much better (if I may say so myself ;) ). Have a look: The Light follows the mouse cursor. The options in the menu are selected with the mouse as well:

I also added rudimentary joystick / gamepad support. Rudimentary because I just added some random buttons for different actions. I didn't really put much effort in it. If you want to change the button settings, you will have to change it in the source code yourself. (The same will probably be true for the keyboard controls, but at least they have some better defaults).

Important things left to do

Not so import things left to do: Well, that's probably not even everything. I'll be surprised if I even finish half of the important list D:

Well, I'm gonna go to sleep for now. Something tells me that it is bedtime.

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This is looking cool. I've also been using a flashlight mechanic- way more basic looking than yours though. If I end up finishing it will be interesting to see how different they play! Good luck in the final stretch!