Added a simple weapon chooser

I added a simple weapon chooser. Now I can select which weapon animation to play while playing :)

Tomorrow I will finally start to add enemies to the game. About time, not much point in an action adventure game without enemies :)

I hope i get to integrate the light into the gameplay. I'm planning to have the player be able to set torches on the ground to light the room. He can only see enemies if they are in the light. Maybe have the player be able to carry a torch, but not attack as long as you carry one. Or maybe only with a weak dagger.

I'm still missing a goal or target for the player. Maybe have him only have a limited amount of torches, and let him die as soon as he used up the last of them. He can get more by killing enemies and collecting theirs. That way it would be a kind of survival game.

But I'll have to see how much I get done till Sunday. So much to do, so little time.