brain explode

the first night everything was going great, but the monday morning i start to think about my first game idea that was make a rpg game like zelda, the hero has to find the desires' room in a dungeon with traps, monsters, chests, and many other things, this idea was good but i dont know, is like out of the theme. so i started to think another idea.

some hours later, i found a new game idea, a guy who is attacked for many mutant dirty laundry, and now he have to tidy up things, using some weapons that find in his room... a idea more like the theme, but i found another problem here, draw mutant dirty laundry is so fucking hard, after many fights with my computer who not makes the things that my mind imagines, and want to throw it all away. I decided to donĀ“t do this thing. and this way the monday ends.

Tuesday, i wake up with a new fresh idea, so i start to do the graphics(the hardest thing to me), then seeing that it was able to materialize my thoughts, i decide stay with this idea, is like a merge of the two previous.

so this is my current idea: Hero a gamer boy who is boring to win all the video games that he has, so he always have a desire to live inside a video game, make the things real. and one night this desire came true, or some thing like that, cause he isn't living a video game, he is in a middle room between the real world and videogame's world, but he isn't alone here, many characters want to come to the real world and he mission(your mission) is stop that and live the bigest adventure of his life.

so with this idea, i did many progress today, and i decided to don't change my mind again.