What will I use.

I will probably use:

If anything from list isn't allowed in PyWeek just say and I won't use it

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http://www.fakemusicgenerator.com/, this site is awesome
That is awesome, and I've added it to the resources post, thanks @knowledge!
I'm planning to use
  • pypy 2.4
  • My own pysdl2-cffi : all of sdl, ttf, image, mixer. It's becoming increasingly awesome with each revision.
  • gillcup - the only non-graphics-library-specific Python animation library I could find; are there others?
  • PyTMX
  • opengameart.org for sprites, depending on the theme
  • british library flickr for public domain images from books, depending on the theme
  • LiClipse / PyDev IDE
  • pixelmator (photoshop substitute)
  • audacity audio editor
  • threading
  • gvim
  • coffee
At least in SDL2, it's possible to run the render loop and the event loop in separate threads. AFAICT the renderer must be created in the same thread as it is used and the event loop must run in the same thread that created the window. If you do this then you must take the usual multithreading precautions when passing data between your event thread to your render thread. The technique is most useful for games with extremely tight input requirements such as rhythm games.
This "brain" you speak of sounds very useful. Is it open source? Fakemusicgenerator looks amazing - I'm definitely using that :D Other than that, planning to use pygame, pyxeledit, and sfxr to make something as simple as possible.
from knowledge import brain You'd think it would be the other way around