Game lib options

Does anyone else out there sometimes find themselves a little disappointed at the available game engine libraries available in python? There must be about a thousand Javascript game libs by now yet python still only has a handful. With the help of things like cython we should be able to do better.

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My experience with Javascript and Canvas 2D is that the API is good enough so you don't need a "game library" or a framework to be productive. If anything, I would say you need a library if you're trying to use something that is not uniformly supported in all browsers (I used SoundJS for audio).

And with that I get to my point: the browsers provide an API that is uniform and easier to use than supporting n different desktops (Windows, Mac and Linux, for example).

That's why there are python game libraries using high level libs that provides the portability (eg, PyGame -> SDL, PySFML -> SFML). My experience with Pyglet is that... it's too complicated!

That's why I think Javascript ecosystem provides more options for gavedev than python. And with that I don't mean that "quantity is quality". PyGame and Pyglet are good libraries that you can use right now!

That does make sense, and the JS canvas API is exactly the kind of thing we could use in the python ecosystem, simply because it allows so many awesome things to be built on top of it.