why is pyweek only bi-annually?

why cant pyweek occur every 3 months? Or if there is more demand, once a month would be cool. Do people really only want it twice a year?

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I think having Pyweek happen more often would inevitably lead to fewer people participating, which would make each of the individual competitions less exciting. There's also a lot of time to commit for people who want to try to judge all of the games and I fear it would lead to burnout.

Twice a year is quite right, even if your real life gets in the way and you miss one of them, there's another one that same year. I don't think I could do one every 3 months :)

Game jams and compos are quite popular right now, there are a few running every month. Most of them don't have any kind of restriction so you can use Python.

for the emotion of waiting for the next PyWeek, to have time to learn and fix bugs, to have more time to enjoy the victory or plan your revenge. for this and many other reasons is that PyWeek is only bi-annually. i love this compo.
If you want some Jams : Ludum Dare The 96 hours Jam with rules