Day 4: Bouncy mode, tinting and enemies

Today was a pretty productive day. The player can now enter "bouncy mode" when he touches a star. This means the player continuously bounces for 10 seconds after collecting a bouncy star. Collisions with powerup stars use rectangle collisions initially, and then mask collisions for accuracy. It was surprisingly simple to implement. There is also now a green tinting effect when in bouncy mode. With some sound effects it'll be pretty cool. I also made an enemy character. Basically he just walks back and forth, nothing too special.

Goals for tomorrow: Implement the ability for the player to kill enemies while in bouncy mode. I want to create a sense of permanence by having the enemies' dead bodies left in the level on the ground. We'll see how it looks. I know I say this everyday, but I really want to get the mechanics down pretty solidly before really working on level design. Hopefully, tomorow I'll be done the mechanics. I also want to spend some time experimenting with the camera, maybe adding a delay instead of always being centred on the character.

Github Repo: Bouncy Shoes