Day 3: Graphics!

Today I started my "PyWeek time" fixing some issues I noticed yesterday, but it was time to go to bed.

After that I did my first refactoring (yay!). The project structure was starting to be annoying because all the scenes in the same file, meaning a lot of back and forth in a "large" file (not that much, but divide et impera). Anyway, tomorrow I'll start working on the map renderer.

I'm not advancing too much, but given that I need my time to do the graphics, I'm happy today I nailed most of the map components (more or less), that is: walls, terminals, doors and lasers. I still have to draw the grid runners though.

Hopefully I'll finish tomorrow the renderer and basic movement with simple collision detection (let's see how it goes, but it shouldn't be harder than what I did for "Lunar").

Also I'm still not sure if the game will be fun, but at least I'll try to make it look nice ;).

Finally I'm having a good time with pyglet. It's starting to feel very familiar and that translates in less time reading documentation and code!