Day 3 - Gravity, jumping and item boxes

Game is coming along fairly well. At this point, running, walking and jumping are all working well. The character's animations look nice. I still need to add the "bouncing" mode where the player is in a continuous bouncy state for a period of time. I think I'll make it so that the character will be invincible while in the bouncing state. He will only be able to kill enemies when bouncing, otherwise he will get hurt.

Item boxes are finished, with animations and everything. At this point a "Bouncy Star" power up appears when the box is bumped, but it doesn't do anything yet.

Tomorrow's Goals: Finish the bouncy star's animation, add the bouncing mode and begin crafting the level.

Github Repo: Bouncy Shoes

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Your little character guy is super cute! Are you producing your own artwork by yourself, too?
I wish I had that talent! I'm mostly using Kenney's artwork.