Anyone else using PySDL2?

I've got a basic TMX renderer working under SDL2, having only used pygame and SDL[1] ages ago. I'm very pleased with the hardware-accelerated drawing and gamepad APIs so far. Here's the incantation to show a VGA display with automatic 2x scaling. Haven't found "mode X" yet ;-)
    window = sdl2.ext.Window("8-bit Quest", size=(640,480))
    renderer = sdl2.ext.Renderer(window)
    sdl2.render.SDL_RenderSetLogicalSize(renderer.renderer, 320, 240)
Unfortunately the SDL2 (not PySDL2) module-level documentation is rather bare.

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Ooh. I wish pygame had this! I would miss too much from pygame (or cocos) if I switched to PySDL2 at this point I think.