Hi again - and my question ;)

So far I'm the only one back for TLP this go around, so if anyone wants to join a team, I would love to have you :)

Now for the question,
Richard, I'm working on yet another lib, and I was wondering how long until I must release my code,
with docs, so I can use it.
I think you let me go until 2 weeks prior to the compo last time, but I'm not sure.

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I'm a little torn. I think I was lenient last time because of the phase of the moon or something ;)

I'm currently trying to decider whether to allow myself to use pyglet. It is available right now (through SVN) and the bits I'm most interested in using (windowing, events, image, text) have been pretty stable for some time now. There's good examples and docs in the source tree in most of those cases.

Where's your code at so I can look and compare?

I havent released it yet, I'm hoping to release the code next weekend, and the docs the following.

I can tell you what it does if you want.
I'll await release of those docs :)
Thanks :)
Hopefully they'll be done on schedule ;)
Richard, I've all but finished the lib and am just awaiting sf hosting for it.

I saw your post about how you thought pyglet would be unfair, and was thinking it was might be unfair for me to have this extra time to finish my lib as well.

I will try to finish the docs up this weekend (it might be monday or tuesday though) instead of waiting till next weex, but still...
Do you think it would be unfair if I were to use it now or not?

Thank you for your time.