Day 1: Idea, scaffolding, starting

So finally the "8-bit" theme won! Despite not being the most intriguing theme ever, I must confess I find it appealing. It's true it's been somewhat abused lately by indie games, but there's still something I find attractive in pixel-art graphics and chiptunes (I started in computing with a ZX Spectrum, soooo I'm biased).

Today I got some ideas in paper, and basically I started doing all the scaffolding of the project (plain pyglet, borrowing some pieces from cocos2d; today I wasted way too much time fighting a shader, but at the end I won!).

So I have a good foundation to start working on the gameplay, controls, a menu, some graphics and a song for the title screen (I tried a NES style, but failed... and it reminds me of some of the Bitmap Brothers' productions, which is not too bad!).

It's too soon to say how all this will end, but I like the game idea and it's not too ambitious for a week.

I think I can get a good 8-bit look/feel/mood. I know I'm not aiming for a too innovative interpretation of the theme but I hope that, if I can deliver a game that is fun to play, the judges might be forgiving on that regard ;).

EDIT: just found out that there are a couple of games out there with a similar name: Gridrunner or Grid Runner. That was coincidental and it's unrelated to my idea ;).