Night 1 development

We spent the first 2 or 3 hours coming up with a concept. We were somewhat disappointed with the theme that was nominated, though we pushed onward... Since 8-bit seems to us a difficult theme to do correctly, we're keeping the gameplay quite simple, something like a RPG that's heavier on the R. We plan on lampooning the theme a little and the story we have developing is pretty funny IMHO.

While my creative teammates work on the concept and story of the game, I've been doing research into effects we know we want in the game. One of the main concepts is a double entendre on the concept of resolution, as a character trait and as a graphical trait.

A 'mosiac' style of 'degeneration' of sprites was called for, and instead of creating seperate sprites for each stage of degeneration, I managed to get surfarray to handle it for us by getting a sample pixel and tiling blocks of variable size to create the 'deresolution' effect (with test images of course). I'm very pleased with they way it's turned out, and its pretty quick at the moment (only one image 'derezzing' at a time).

test images!!

I'm off to generalize the sprite drawing and 'derezzing' of animated sprites (basically perform the operation on a spritesheet and modifying the source array values based on an offset). Hopefully I'm not up too late tonight, I do have to take my mother to dinner tomorrow...