PyWeek 18! May 11 to 18! Yay!!!

OK folks, I'm gonna set the date of the next PyWeek for the 11th to 18th of May. There's an LD48 in mid-April if you want a warm-up :)

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alright!! lets' do this  :) hoping 8-bit theme wins.
Me, I want 8-bit goats. Or cows. Not sure on that part.
The truth is that with this set of themes it is possible to cheat, just make a 8-bit-style graphics game involving a goat in a quest for magic mushrooms to save the people of her planetoid world. Or anything like that ;)

That said, I like the 8-bit theme. I'd love to make a NES or GB style game, in a week :D
The past theme could have cheated by making a game about a guild of alchemist monkeys trying to make a new state of matter in a medieval space station above the moon.
I disagree with applying the label "cheating" to entrants that use all 5 themes ;)
That's true. using all the themes for the game is not cheating.. ive' done it multiple times :))
Using all the themes is not cheating, but starting working on your game before the voting ends because you're using all themes ;) I was joking anyway (don't do it!).
Sorry about the delay in the winners being announced - I needed to manually poke at the pyweek bot.