Lunar - comments (spoilers?)

Thanks a lot for playing the game and for the feedback! I was expecting some of the comments, but not all of them. It's interesting how I didn't notice the android movement was too slow... I think I was so happy to see it moving and there were so many things to do that... *fail* :)

Seems like the story didn't work too well. Some spoilers follow, if I remember everything correctly ;)

I added the score to show you which actions make you advance in the investigation. For example, if you check all the androids at the workshop you should be able to see that there's one android missing, so you get points for that.

Let me put all the information together to see if it makes any sense.

According to an email draft, Rowley was informing the company that there was some sort of interference that was affecting the way the androids work (the operator connects to them remotely, like you're doing with the one leading the investigation).

Campbell was using illegal substances that were provided by Dr Terkov. The base manager (Holden) knew about it and asked the company to replace Terkov, but the company refused because of an ongoing operation. Campbell run out of drugs and that was affecting him, to the point to ask Dr O'Neill for help.

Campbell and Rowley share cabin and because Campbell's drug withdrawal their relationship is not very good. They have a fight at the quarters and Dr O'Neill moves Campbell to the infirmary to calm things down.

Finally something happens with one of the androids, probably related to the external interference, and it starts moving during the night, sabotages the communications and kills all the crew sleeping in the quarters. Campbell was in the infirmary, so he escapes and manages to block the access to He-3 and the door to the dock bay so the attacker can't either access to the HE-3 or leave the base.

Campbell tries then to fight the android but gets killed in a violent way (the other crew members were sleeping, so it was a clean strike).

At some point the android gets all the bodies to the reactor to clean up, but I didn't succeed to explain that part (the sound on the intro is supposed to be the reactor blasting energy, let's say the android is getting rid of the bodies).

There are only a couple of silly puzzles that depend on the information you get during the investigation. For example: you must know about the fight between Campbell and Rowley so you know that the room with two beds is their room. The same for Campbell's access code (he tends to forget the code, so he wrote it down in a piece of paper that can be found in his room).

Then all the blood thing with the regeneration pool to open the door locked with the biometric access was easy to solve as long as you don't miss all the interactive things at the infirmary.

So it's not the best script ever, but it is the best I got!

Thanks again for playing the game and for your great comments. See you next PyWeek!