spacen - Post-Mortem Diary

First of all, PyWeek was fun and I hope to do it again sometime. Although I was
a bit exhausted on Sunday, I already feel like coding again.

On to the actual game. I'm quite happy with how well it turned up, considering
it is the first game I actually "finished", ever. I did have to cut some planned 
powerups (flamethrower, jet pack, armor) and enemy types (flamethrower, semi-
invisible), though, which makes it somewhat less interesting than I planned.

Deciding to do it alone meant I could jump to Audacity or GIMP when coding
became boring. However, it did mean I have little original artwork: almost
everything is adapted from OpenGameArt.

I think the weakest part, especially comparing to what other games I've already
tried, are the controls. It seems quite weird that your only contribution to
moving are the jumps. May also lead to frustration if there was nothing you
could have done better in a certain situation.

In the end that was a design choice I made because giving the player free 
control would have required actual enemy AI – now they simply move about semi-
randomly, raining down bombs if you get too close.

At first I also thought I'd need to come up with a win condition, but in 
retrospect the game doesn't seem to be worse for having none.


Ps. Based on my diaries and git log, I spent about 35 hours of time in front of 
the computer on this.