An amazing ride

I knew for a fact that we couldn't get anything even vaguely playable, a day and a half ago.

I love being wrong. :)

Our game does not have all the moving parts that it should, and it is probably hard for an outsider to see how close it is to what we were aiming for, with all that is missing. But frankly I'm amazed that we were able to get it to this state.

While credit has to go to the fantastic team, I also credit python itself for being quick to use. I rarely use the language for anything this large, but all of the things which make it well-suited to small work also make superb for rapid prototyping of larger projects (and implementation of larger projects, ultimately - I'm loving Django).

Our game was so far out of scope we couldn't have seen it from the moon. But it looks tremendous, and it was a blast to work on (and educational too!).

I can't wait to sample the waters and see what others have done!

Now if only we can push one final version of our project with a few more last minute fixes...

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The game looks great and there looks like a lot of gameplay implemented. I wonder if you might want to post some simple strategy guide though because, for me at least, I found it a bit tough to work out what I was supposed to be doing!
My strategy was to click "attack faction", then next turn, until the "remove faction" option appeared. Then go to another zone and do the same. There are three zones, industry, logistics and military. This destroyed the enemies. (I assume Wiley Francis, Silver Twins and Kraggar are the enemy.) Now I have nothing to do, but I didn't get a "Congratulations!" screen, so maybe they destroyed me? Hard to tell. The README is particularly unhelpful.