economy complexity... delayed death

We have 3 factions, each of which produces goods (turn N) which are transported (turn N+1) to other factions who then produce things (turn N+2) with them.  Goods (food) are a special case and are produced (turn N) and then consumed by everyone (turn N+1) and if short, they impact worker happiness.

Included is a graph of what happens if we hit goods production on turns 5,6,7 (a triple smack to food).... it looks pretty stable until about turn 30 when it suddenly nosedives. Now remember we hit it at turn 5,6,7 and nothing after that. :-)

We have some fudge factors in to give us a bit more 'overhead' in production and some other tweaks, but I just love the bang bang bang! and then 25 turns later the economy falls over and dies. :)

What actually seems to happen is that the worker happiness factors are in an wave but each low point is actually a little lower (thus less production, meaning the next low point is a little lower again) and eventually it crashes.