Final version uploaded!

I know the countdown says more than 7 hours to go, but I'm exhausted and everything is in place, so I've uploaded the final version of my PyWeek 17 entry: Lunar.

This time my wife helped me a lot playing the game today and finding embarrassing bugs (still don't know how she managed to "moonwalk" between maps); so I've been fixing things for the last two hours. 

Anyway, I didn't have a chance to test the game in Mac, so I booted the windows box I have just for building the binary bundles for PyWeek and tried the game. It works perfect, I'm pleased with the performance. Because I already booted the machine I built the binary bundle, so you can download the source code for Linux and Mac, and the binary bundle for Windows.

Linux and Mac require Python 2.6+ and AVBin installed, in Windows just run the EXE. There's more information in the README.txt.

Today has been a long day. Started finishing the maps and polishing the story, and left the sound to be added after lunch. That was probably a bad idea because by noon I was too tired to tackle SoundTracker. At the end I got a bg track, not too bad.

Well, I'll write a post mortem in next days but needless to say that I'm extremely happy. Yet another game delivered!