spacen - Day 7

Final day. Luckily I have the whole day free for this if I really need it.

First I refined the end screen a bit, refactored a lot of stupid code that I

thought might be buggy and fixed a couple of collision bugs. Next I found some
sounds for jumping and grenade throwing.

The game looked OK at this point, but I wanted more, so I decided to add another
special weapon: chainsaw. Because jumping around on moon with a chainsaw sounds
reasonable. Took me around one and a half hours total, most of which were spent
on the sounds.

At this point I spend time testing the game and pushed a release candidate on Of course, I messed up and accidentally left the debug options in,
so I quickly made an RC2.

Now I'm at twelve hours to go and wondering what I should do. I think I'll take
a break of a few hours, then see if I can add another powerup or two.

[6 hours later]: I decided to up resolution to 1024x768 (from 800x600) and add 
options for widescreen (1280x720) and fullscreen. The latter works by rendering
at normal (or widescreen) resolution and then scaling the result to native
desktop resolution. This avoids changing monitor resolution and in case there's
a bug (impossible!) the desktop resolution will always be correct.

Higher resolution required quite a few code changes (since I'd hardcoded most
of it), as well as a larger version of the background image.

Finally, I spent quite a bit of time searching and destroying small bugs. At six
hours to go I'm ready to call it final. At least until I find another bug.

[Three hours to go]: So I realized I hadn't implemented starting a new game
from within the game, despite having that planned. While implementing it I also
decided to add a special enemy type (which I left out of the intro screen on 
purpose), so 1.1 it is.

No bug fixes, which makes me worry that I'm adding new bugs when I should be
getting rid of any final ones...