Day 6 (2): Maps almost done

Last night I tried to write a post but either my connection was failing or the website had problems, anyway... this is the second part of day six.

I was a little bit wrong about my workaround for tiled's maps, it wasn't working (well, it was almost working). I realized it was wrong when I had in a map two doors based on the same tile and when one of them was opening, the other was opening too. It turns out the hack was a good idea but it was bad implemented. Now it's fixed :)

Another problem I had yesterday and got me stuck for a while is the translation from screen coordinates to map coordinates. I did all my tests with just one map and it happens that my translation of coordinates was wrong but for that particular map wasn't noticeable. When I started to test another map... oh, I can walk through the walls! It's fixed but I'm worried something like this could happen by the end of the last day and it could be fatal!

I don't think I have time for unittest everything but I could use some tests. The engine complexity makes difficult to spot a bug; and when it's fixed, that could break something else and I wouldn't notice.

I have 6 maps already and I think I'll end with 10, so there will be a good sized moon base to explore ;)

I have several things to do in the last day, so let's do this! 18 hours left :)