An increase in violence

Claws are great for killing aliens, but I'll need fingers to pick this upThe wolf claw attack was fixed early this morning -- no more scuff marks -- and also got some new art. We got new floor tiles in two colours, as well as two kinds of terrain: acid spills, which damage our intrepid heroine, and patches of moonlight which force her to turn into a werewolf. OK, moonlight isn't technically a terrain. I have also been informed that it is specifically Titanlight, which is why I have made it orange. Science!

Aliens now spit acid blobs, which makes them a lot more deadly. You can make the protagonist shoot or claw semi-automatically by holding down Z, so you don't have to keep mashing the keyboard.

We added the interior of the protagonist's spaceship as a starting level. There are now some coloured keycards for opening certain doors. Most of the level is reset when you leave and come back, but some things are persistent, like inventory and doors that you have already opened. Exactly how this should be implemented was the subject of some spirited debate. The inventory is currently invisible.

Of course a lot of framework expansion and refactoring happened in the background, including many physics tweaks and bugfixes. You can no longer be shot by an enemy on another level, for example.  Oh, and we also have a working title for the game: Werewolf Sonata.

Being a werewolf is generally pretty awesome right now, since clawing is easier than shooting and the werewolf barely registers damage. Of course you can't pick anything up without opposable thumbs. We're going to need to add some more downsides -- we should have a better idea of how to balance things when we make all the levels tomorrow. (All the levels! We totally have enough time. It'll be fine.)

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You're werewolf looks like Ice Age's "Scrat" ;)