Back online - and one day left (auch)!

Having been off the grid and without internet the past 5 days, I've been rather concerned how the game would end up.

But I've done what I could without any access to the internet, and the result is a small, little game with a story that's, well, not really fitting to the gameplay (and rather cheesy).

With only one day left (and with tomorrow being a very busy day of SCUBA diving) I now know that I won't be able to put much more effort into the game.

I would like to recap what I've been able to do though and what I initially planned to do, but haven't had the time or resources for.

* Randomly generated Moon surface using, well, the random-module.
* Destructible environment, much like Minecraft in 2D.
* Menu system. I made up a rather quick and dirty menu system, but it works just awesome and I like it.

* Procedural moon landscape. I wanted the player to be able to dig as deep and explore as much of the Moon surface as he wanted to.
* Better gameplay. I should have worked better on the core ideas of the gameplay. The game can be challenging, but it will be repetitive in the end.

Never the less - it was fun putting myself up to the challenge and I can't wait to see what the rest of you guys have come up with!