Day 6 - Aranara

I have some extra time today as don't need to work, although the evening is already accounted for with a family commitment. I'm still irritated by the music bug. I'll maybe give it a go on Linux to see if it is a pyglet issue.

Lot's to do today,

Animated sprites
Sandbox level
Gerty colour commentary
Attraction hoover physics
Attraction visual effect

Plus level polishing. 

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Good progress this morning. I improved the effect of the attractor and repeller units to make them feel more like a hoover sucking up stuff. I also complete the scoring HUD, overall level completion logic and the visual display of the progress towards collecting all the Helium you need.

I lost nearly an hour troubleshooting a real world issue - a mysterious leak of water at the front of the house. It turned out to be the neighbour's sprinkler system which had burst!