spacen - Day 6

Second to last day. Still much to do. I started with finishing grenade mechanics
including being able to take down multiple targets with one. A stupid little 
animation for dying nasties was next. (They simply spin into oblivion.)

Explosion sounds are an interesting issue. Apparently you can hear stuff on the
surface of the moon (listen to some Apollo recordings where they hammer if you
don't believe me), because the sound waves travel through the ground. Obviously
you cannot hear an explosion in space – unless you are in it!

So what I did was have an explosion sound play unless you are jumping and it
didn't hit you. That will probably seem weird to players, but what can I say:
this game is all about realism. :)

Next I decided to make mouse control the default. It simply works better. Less
code, too.

Having caught up with my yesterday's schedule (more or less) I started on the
day's work with an intro screen. A nice little back story, explanations of the
various objects, plus controls. That should do, although I may add some polish
if I only have the time.

Now seemed like a good time to update the game entry on PyWeek and upload a beta
version (just in case). After that I added an extended magazine powerup. It
doesn't stack, so I'm not sure if it should appear multiple times or not.

Then the Game Over screen. I gave the player some statistics about their game
and a final verdict on their success. I'm not really interested in "hi-scores"
to be honest, but I'll have time to reconsider tomorrow.

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