Claws and polished floors don't mix

Where is the floor polish again?
We continue to make items and interactions better, adding more traditional game elements to what was still looking like a physics demonstration. It's been a slowish day, but we *might* have something that works by the end of Friday. Then we just need to make levels... Some of the things that happened:

What this game needs is more game

The protagonist gained the ability to carry out actions in the game world (yay for opposable thumbs), like open doors and pick up things. Which is useful, because there is now also a collectable gun, without which you cannot shoot the bullets, that hopefully hit the aliens, that just wanted to say hi, with acid. Doors in turn now have to be opened and there are levers to push and switches to toggle. *More* plumbing was added to the game engine. 

The death of a protagonist

Death has been added, both player and alien. Yep, if the protagonist takes enough damage, the game now kicks you to the death screen, though the werewolf does have the ability to heel. I mean heal. And strangely enough, though they can't regenerate yet, the aliens started looking more attractive just before they gained the ability to die.

The best offence is a good offence

Bullet physics has been wrangled so that they are fast (they used to be slow enough that you could kick them around the level) and are now properly destroyed when colliding with things. A claw attack for the werewolf form was added at the last minute, but something broke the animation cycle, so it now looks like we are scuffing the floor really badly as we go around the level.

A plot thickens and grows lumpy

We gained a plot, that will become apparent when you play (no spoilers). And apparently we gained sheep?!? Wait, was that a spoiler...