What an exciting day!

We've made some huge progress today, but the most exciting stuff was visual.

We got an excellent title screen image from a good friend, which has really inspired us.

One of our number (I'm looking at bob) has taken our sketches and used art-magic to make awesome images that are much more evocative! I'm sure we'll get one up here to show off.

At the same time we've been working away at the backend economy, which has been fascinating. We need to have a functional system before we introduce the player's actions and getting something that behaves the way we need is quite involved.

We've also added some actual player actions. You can't do much at the moment, and the actions we have in place are more for debugging than anything else, but you CAN have a profound effect on the aforementioned economy, and you can kick in heads... who needs more, right?

The more we do, the more I'm psyched by all that we can achieve together. And the more I think it is fanciful dreaming that we could possibly finish this in a week! What was I thinking! :) Away with the fairies, I say! Fairies or Lunes!

Best to the others who are working away out there!