Day 4 - Aranara

Today I realised that PyWeek is 40% design, 40% coding, 40% project management and -20% sleep.

I did my project management bit today by listing all the remaining tasks and categorizing them as must-have (1), nice-to-have (2) and yeah-if-I-had-another-week (3). Then estimating those tasks and calculating the amount of time I have left I think I can get all my 1 and 2's done.

Today I focus on a bunch of relatively easy #1's - a) to get things done and b) to recover some energy. I noticed that yesterday I was flagging a bit and the code was suffering!

Goals for today,

Start screen
Level select screen
Harvester polygon physics
Drag-drop bug on palette
Upload to site test

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Progress was very good today. I completed all the items on the todo list and even added sound and music to the game. I also completed a test to see if the game runs on Linux and it worked fine and I was able to test the packaging and upload a version of the game to the pyweek site.

I don't expect to make much progress tomorrow due to other commitments but I think I am in good shape to spend Friday and Saturday polishing the levels that I have in place and getting some animations to improve the overall graphical appearance.
"PyWeek is 40% design, 40% coding, 40% project management and -20% sleep." is the best one sentence summary I've seen, and I can it see it becoming a staple quote in our team.