A violent struggle to the death, and beyond

Work unfortantely still continues to distract us, so progress is still slower than I like.
Day 4 screenshot
Art continued to arrive and the game is looking very pretty.
The level editor learnt a few new tricks, and can now interact with the various objects we've created, which should make generating gameplay content a lot easier.

We also started working on the combat part. The aliens can now damage the player, although the player still shrugs off death as a minor inconvenience. We've also added simple, although rather idiosyncratic, bullets.

Decoy managed to find time to trawl through several lists of freely reusable audio files for sound effects, and we've started work on hooking those up, which will make sneaking in time to work on the game at the office a lot harder.

During the course of the day, we also added some global state to track various statistics, and this promtly led to a basic save game being implemented.

The underlying plumbing is now in decent shape. Several of the team will be in the same location tomorrow, so hopefully that will allow us to get some planning on content and story done, so we can push forward with the actual game.

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First sounds hooked up!