Mooncrete progress update

Hello 'yall!

Well I have a game engine up and running, it handles game states and has the first steps towards the puzzle game with falling blocks. The active blocks can be rotated, yipee!

I doubt I will finish in time: day job + two birthday parties + a presentation by RMS himself to attend :-) I have about um... *counts on fingers*... 18 hours left free to code + 2 hours sleep for the last 2 days.

Focussing on engine and render logic 100% - will be using my paper sketches for graphics to score extra time.


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Hey! Are you somewhere in Cape Town? Want to come say hello in #ctpug on the Atrum IRC network?
Will be at RMS' talk tomorrow too. :)
Will be at RMS' talk tomorrow too. :)
Hi hodgestar! I am in Durban, our RMS talk is on Friday evening, I'll pop into #ctpug next time I am online :D
What is that you are coding in? I use geany which is fairly basic but works well on my ageing laptop...