Day 4: But it moves!

Today has been quite productive.

I have around 45 minutes commuting every day so I've been using that "dead" time to write part of the story, and that led me to model more assets (ufff); but it's OK: without a good story the game would be a total failure, and a good scene makes the story more effective.

I modelled the avatar (a droid) and... well, it looks like a droid (more or less) so I'm happy!

I've implemented basic movement (no collision detection yet, but if I'm right it shouldn't be too hard).

It doesn't look like a big advancement, but I think it really is. I'm not confident in my modelling abilities so having enough assets and a character for the player to move around and interact with the scene is a big win.

For tomorrow I plan doing the collision and start the interaction with the scene (I plan to implement two verbs: "see" and "use", or something like that). If that gets done I'll be in a good position to finish a the game between Friday and Saturday.

Also tomorrow I'll try to use my commute to close the script because at the moment I don't know how to close the story :S. Stay tuned!