Day 3 - Aranara

Today was a work day so there isn't too much time. I have the theme for about eight levels worked out and I hope to have them implemented tonight. I also hope to replace some of the placeholder graphics with improved ones.

So the main goals are,

- get improved graphics
- implement score HUD and toolbar HUD
- implement first version of 8 levels

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Day 3 is complete.

I got my improved graphics done. I also got the toolbar HUD done but not the score one. The score one should be easier. The toolbar HUD is where the objects appear that you can add to the world so it is fairly involved.

I also got the first 7 levels done, although I have to go back and rework them to use the toolbar.

Overall pretty good progress although I'm already seeing lot's of compromises creeping in. Tomorrow I plan on getting sound, music, start and level select screens done. This allows me then to polish the levels, graphics etc.