spacen - Day 2

(These diary entries have been written after the fact based on notes and git

Second day I started after a morning lecture, at about ten.

I noticed that the game was already running a bit under 60 FPS, so I used
cProfile to find that blitting was slow. Apparently you are supposed to convert
Surfaces to display format. Ok, after that it was running fine. I should have
used an actual delta-t algorithm for uniform running speed, but decided it could

The next couple of hours saw me add an ammo count, firing up and collision
tests. For the latter I decided to go with a simple homebrew dist-to-line 
instead of learning the pygame sprite commands.

Next I wasted two hours of perfectly good coding time trying to get to a lecture
that didn't exist. Still not sure if I messed up and was at the wrong time in
all those places I tried or if the lecturer messed up.

After that interlude I decided to finally use the animations I had for the hero.
Again, rather than learning pygame sprite APIs, I went homebrew. Probably a bad
idea, but we'll see...

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