spacen - Day 1

(These diary entries have been written after the fact based on notes and git

First day started a bit late, because I hung out with friends the night before.
I began coding at a quarter to two in the afternoon, after seeing the 'moon'
theme and deciding on my entry.

The idea was to have a "side-scroller" on the moon's surface, where you shoot up
space nazis. (You can thank my brother for helping me come up with the idea.)
I concentrated on having a small enough scope that I'd be sure to get at least
*something* finished.

By three a clock I had pygame running (I'd read a tutorial the day before, but
this was my first time with it) and a green ellipse was running around a grey
moon. After another hour I'd found some graphics and added bullets. The next two
hours had me add bullet mechanics and spawning jetpack nazis.

The graphics were quickly hashed together from Open Game Art graphics with gimp.
I really wasn't sure about even the basic mechanics of the game at this point.

Called it a day after some four and a half hours of work.