Working through the details

I feel like we almost have all the bits in the design, but there are niggling details that people keep pointing out, and of course balancing a design is a different beast from creating it.

A soul-less chunk of today was breaking down the ui and trying to detail each screen. Luckily there's not a huge number (of interesting ones - I haven't done most of the dull parts completely), as it was tough going.

I also spent some time messing with the basic mechanic, thanks to some graphing from a team-member. It was good to do some coding again after all of the writing.

I'm going to have to start adding actual data to the game pretty soon, as that is going to be a long process, I fear.

But others are implementing things and the game is more and more real as we go.

Will we have something playable this week? Will I even finish the design this week? No idea! But I'm proud of what we're working on, and at the moment I reckon I'll want to getting working after the week is over. For me, that is "mission accomplished"! :)

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Just thought I'd share some of the graphs :)

Wow, lost control of the editor there. Well, you get one graph :)