Technical Specifications gone wild

I would just like the world to know that Caligari did not mention that the design document has ballooned out to 37 pages -- it has also spawned offspring/variation/alternate versions (which have been told firmly that they're not going to get any love until next week).

There is so much detail and opportunity! This game is definitely bigger than the week but hopefully at least a simplified version will get out!

Don't let him tell you his graphics aren't amazing. I wonder if dispensation can't be sought to add a sampling as a screenshot? Amazing I tell you :)

In other news we think we may have picked a name. Maybe. Watch this space.

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Actually, the 37th page is a place to hold an extra blank screen image in case I need one... :P
personally, i think i enjoy brainstorming video game ideas more that i do making them.  37 pages must have taken a lot of time, but i'm sure it was fun.

post a screenshot!