Day 2 - Aranara

Day two begins with mowing the lawn. OK, so I probably should have planned that better. Still it gave me some ideas about games involving harvesters moving back and forward across the landscape! It is just a pity those don't appear in my game (yet!).

My goals for today are,
  1. implement all the core game mechanics
  2. get a few levels sketched out
  3. first implementation of Gerty

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Progress has been pretty good today. I have all the different level items implemented. Still no real levels yet and all the art is just placeholder but you can get the idea of how it is going to work from the following video:

I'm going to move on to Gerty and some other UI elements next. One week looks like a reasonable amount of time to get the engine working right but where will I find time for the content?!
Day two closes and Gerty is in place. The "conversation" system is based on a GDC talk I saw by Valve - a system of checks against a big state dictionary and then a series of actions to take place whenever the state matches. It is cumbersome to write but making a tool would take too long!

Looks great! I like it!