Day 1: Spaghetti code!

Well, it's the morning of day 2, but I'll reflect on what Ami and I got done yesterday.

The contest started Saturday night for us, and we signed up shortly after that. No real plan going into it, so we spent the night brainstorming, and once we had a vague plan I decided to compose a simple song for the main menu. Also made a github repo (

Before I continue, a quick summary of the concept: Journey to the Center of the Moon. It's a platformer, and the name speaks for itself. Our focus will be on exploration and atmosphere, so there likely won't be any combat. Oh, and just to remind you how stupid I am, I'm trying to do the world/level generation procedurally! YAY!

Sunday, I started with the actual implementation. A basic game loop, game states, and a working camera. Made a nice flickering star field, and a background for the lunar surface -- in hindsight, I should have focused on the player movement and foreground first.

Wanted the platforming to work with smooth terrain, so I went for a box2d approach to physics and player movement. I've never done this before, but the idea is to throw a sensor beneath the player's feet to see if they're on the ground or not. Works better than I expected!

After that, I spent the rest of the evening wrestling with the foreground of the lunar surface. Didn't really get anywhere with that. Ami made some nice sprites and animation for the player and surface features, though!

Plan for today:
  1. Add player animations
  2. Implement a generic chunk-based world
  3. Realize I don't know what the hell I'm doing
  4. Do it anyways so Ami won't beat me up
Today's my last day of freedom. Back to work tomorrow, and I'm also buying a car and looking for an apartment this week. Whyyy did I enter this

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> Whyyy did I enter this

You guys can do eeeet!!