Game idea

So first day we all gathered together and spent about 6 hours only with pencils, paper and our storming brains. First there was an idea of a planet and its moons. Since we all like platformers, we decided to make a platformer, that would be played in space. The game map (2D) will contain several planets (circle shape), each with it's own gravity, and player can run and jump around those planets on its edges, just like this:

Player should be able to jump from one planet to another using some sort of platforms, thing to be invented yet.

We also came up with even more amazing idea - that if you fall in a pit on the planet, you get to the INSIDE planet, where the gravitation is opposite - you can walk on the inner edge of the planet. The inner world should also be more Earth-like, something like jungle, outside should be, on the other hand, Moon-like. This inner world idea is sort of extra, we will implement it only if we manage to make the outside world very soon...

First day finished without single line coded, that means, second day and coding is to come!