Design first

It is daunting to embark on creating a game in a short time. There are so many details which need to be settled on, even before you worry about all the bugs you might have introduced during coding.

We started brainstorming as soon as the themes were announced, so I had a bit of a leg up on what we were going to do when the final one was announced.

Most of Sunday was spent refining the ambitious design back towards something we can make in a week. I think I've managed that fairly well, but there are still some areas which need finalizing (like details of the core mechanics). Hopefully I can get through the rest of that today - I'd hoped to be done this morning.

This is my first time, and I'm finding that it is hard to stay focused and fresh. At work we wouldn't have such a fixed deadline hovering over everything.

It is fascinating to see what others have achieved already. I can't wait to see what everyone creates!