We appear to have gotten off to a reasonably smooth start. Given the Moon theme the team seemed to automatically gravitate towards science fiction themes and after much discussion we agreed on doing some sort of top-down puzzle action game with maybe light combat. To tie in the theme further, we made the protagonist a werewolf.


Having learned previously that physics engines are hard, we opted to use a physics engine library this time. After an extensive selection process (i.e. we found it first) we decided to use pymunk. Jerith attempted to convince us again that writing a physics engine wasn't actually that hard, but fortunately the memory of Nine Tales was still fresh in everyone's minds.

Having selected a vague genre, storyline and tool set, we got to work and ended the day with:
We'd like to welcome aboard our new team member Decoy (who got reasonable amounts of code in today, thus easily surpassing many previous new team members in first day productivity :).