Day 1: Foundations

I didn't like "Moon" at first but after looking for ideas for the other themes I changed my mind and went for it. I'm glad "Moon" was the selected theme!

I want to do something with 3D this PyWeek, although it may turn out not to be a good idea. Also I would like the story and the mood to be an important part of the game, but I'm not sure if I will be able to accomplish that.

Today has been a tired and slow start. I must prepare a "code base" for next PyWeeks because it is absurd the amount of work to bootstrap a game; yet to start writing the game itself!

Early alpha of the engine

Anyway I think I have reasonably good foundations for the rest of the contest.

I'm using plain Pyglet so today I've been working on the structure with scenes and scene states (kind of like cocos2d, but way simpler). I've started working in the game core, based in tiled maps rendered into 3D, and pretty much that's all for today.

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Looks great! My text adventure doesn't stand a chance in the production category. No big deal, I just want to get something done.
Don't give up! If production is not the strong point you can always shine in other categories.