The coding begins

I watched the movie, set up the git repository (on google code and have my game outline (mining simulation) so now I am ready to start.

Today's schedule is,

- throw some placeholder graphics in place
- game engine basics
- base level logic

Hopefully by the end of the day I have a playable test level so that tomorrow I can start refining the main game loop. 

I'll post updates as comments to this entry.

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Got the basics of the engine running. I have integrated the pymunk and pyglet main loops. Getting polygons to work in pymunk took a bit longer than thought but seems to be working now.

There isn't much to show but the following screenshot shows some rocks which bounce and roll around the surface of the moon.

I'm building the various level elements next.

Most of the engine is now fleshed out and I have the basic level loading logic in place. I worked on that rather than filling out the gameplay elements. That is probably not the right order but it allowed me to complete out some other parts of the engine like the tweening and the fading between screens. 

Taking a break now to get a few more ideas on what kind of elements I need in the mining simulation.
The end of day 1 and I have the main game loop, albeit with very simple elements to the level. I have some emitters that spray out the helium to be mined. I have some rotating blocks that caused the helium to bounce all over the place and I have some collectors that grab the helium. When you grab the helium is increases your score.

Tomorrow will be actually implementing the players actions and a bunch of other elements to add to levels.