Theme Brainstorming

Hi all! If you're having trouble with theme ideas, here's the brainstorming our team went through last week looking at each theme. A lot of them could apply to multiple themes...
12 Monkeys
  • Insanity

  • Time travel

  • Freeing animals from zoo

  • controlling 12 "monkeys"

  • identify shakespeare play from twelve words

  • you have only twelve monkeys, write shakespeare

  • Sputnik era spacecraft with monkeys crashing on the moon they need to build a colony

  • Programming Windows Vista with monkeys

  • Dance Dance revolution

  • how many monkeys fit in the fridge

The Fifth Element
  • over the top, visual

  • "gimme the cash!" (photos as pretend prop hats)

  • rock paper scissors lizard + trump

  • four elements + a trump

  • level selection for different parts of the movie

  • fridge tetris

The Guild
  • assassins guild

  • progress through guild

  • manage the guild

  • fantasy adventure

  • fighters

  • clerics

  • not an MMO

  • Discworld guilds (assassins, thieves)

  • milk the parts of the city - balance crime  / prosperity

  • Having to provide protection to an area of the city (hire spotters and enforcers). struggle with other thief families for control of the guild (they try and steal from your protected areas, you from theirs). Build the city and get support from the citizens, build business, pull off crimes. I don’t know you you'd blame that on other families though but that would be a good mechanic.

  • alamaze like (turn based) thief family simulator

  • Moon Nazis

  • Clones

  • Sneaky about helping future clones

  • Time dependant clones

  • A location

  • Alien vs humans

  • Cheese (cannons, jules verne style)

  • Moon Cheese Nazis

  • Rockets

  • Climate change through terra forming

  • gravitational / celestial stuff (Planetary creation code:

  • city building

  • Martians on the moon send lone Invader Zim to prepare for invasion of Earth

  • or the above as a farming game (farming humans)

Castle In The Sky
  • Moon

  • fighting

  • defence

  • floating castle, magic pendant - glowing mcguffin

  • chase scenes

  • air battles

  • air pirates

  • 3D tower defense

  • manage an isolated (self-contained?) city

  • villain building ‘science!!!’ has to defend from peasants with torches