running PyWeek games on Android (specially Ouya)

Did someone tried to package PyWeek games to run on Android, and specially on Ouya?

How can we do that, and what on the games needs to be changed/adapted? Maybe we need to use PGS4A ( ) or Python-for-Android ( )? 

Are here some experiences or case studies to be shared, and perhaps some ready games or templates? :)

thanks! :)

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In Pyweek 19 I started with an Android project with PGS4A, because of lack of time i didn't finish a game but I've been tinkering with Ouya and managed to get full controller support

Basicly you won't need to do a lot to port a pygame game to Ouya: add a few lines to import the Android package and change the control bindings ( map them through Java/PyJNIus)