TSoG&B: Voice acting

Ever since playing Shundread's The Catcher in the Strife, I knew how much voice acting can add to a game. Finally with so much dialog in the game we got to give it a try! The tricky part is that the dialog changes during the week as the gameplay evolves. So we left recording the voices until late — too late.

Most of the recording slipped past the deadline and was only added in version 1.1. Also it was all one take with lots of laughing at each other. It is tons of fun, and I think the result adds to the game no matter how ridiculous it turns out. I recommend you give it a try for next PyWeek if you haven't yet!

It would have been even better if everyone on the team would have voiced one character, but we couldn't get it organized in time. Well, there is something left for the future!