Galactic Lego - Final Entry

Well I got a bit further than I thought I would and nowhere near as far as I would have liked. My final version has been uploaded, while it may have non-functional shields and rocket launchers, it does feature engines, lasers and a slightly unpredictable collisions system.

Without any further ado I present

Galactic Lego

  •  pyglet 1.1.4
  •  Python 2.7
  • This is a two player game that allows two opponents to design a space ship out of generic modules. Each of these modules can be assigned keys that activate the module.
  • This didn't entirely get finished off, however it is playable, the ship edit screen is pretty much functional with only a few rare glitches. One of which is that you cannot resize the game window or mouse clicks will not register in the correct place. (you can go full screen when battling though)
  • I only had to get enough time to get engines and lasers working correctly, so besides aesthetics there is no real reason to build a command module, shields or rocket launchers.
  • Because things are simulated out it is very possible to build a ship that is very difficult to control or impossible to control so careful thought is needed.
  • Two basic ships have been built as a demo.
  • The controls for the demo player 1 ship is arrow keys and right control to fire laser.
  • The controls for the demo player 2 ship is wasd to move, q,e to rotate and tab to fire lasers.
  • There is no game over screen so to restart you must quit the game and reopen.

I hope everyone has had a fun pyweek and I look forwards to testing the games of as may people as possbile

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Also if anyone, makes some cool ships I would be pretty keen to try them, hit save setup and upload a copy of the "data" file in the main directory.