and finally


Im actually quite happy with my result, even though the game is not much by way of a challenge. I actually think this could make a really fun multiplayer game, but that's currently out of my experience level.

I had no firm ideas when the week started -in fact I would say that I 'discovered' the game around Thursday when it occurred to me to tweak things in this direction -I suspect many would say that this is usually how it turns out but I'm learning all this for the first time.

The thing I struggled with the most was the AI: in this sense I completely overreached. There are only two or three possible 'verbs' for a player in WebWars but it was still a crazy undertaking for me trying to squeeze competent behaviour out of the computer. The messiness of my code combined with Python's flexibility really saw things getting out of hand on the last day. In this sense Python gives you enough rope to hang yourself with.

I spent six days on gameplay and AI and managed to get all the artwork done on the last day. In future I would prefer to leave more time for the latter and of course to add sound which is something I never ever seem to get to!

Congrats to all who participated -cant wait to see what others came up with -I have a idea though, I've been keeping close watch

Also thanks to Richard for this awesome opportunity