The Final is the final Final... Honest.

So I woke up this morning (afternoon) and realized that the end game wasn't quite right.  If you finished all 10 levels (difficult) the game would just crash (no level distance set for level 11).  I couldn't see how I'd have time to add a You Win screen in the few hours remaining, so I punted.  There are now 1000 levels.  Good luck with that.  It's very retro.  There's no You Win screen on Pac Man.  It just gets harder and then you die.  So that's version 0.68 Final.

Then I tested it on a smoking fast machine (new i7) and found that the goo speed doesn't scale well at all.  The game is very, very difficult even on level 1.  With only one hour left, I don't have any easy ways to auto correct (or even characterize) this effect so I added a player speed option to the main menu.  If you are running a new-ish machine the base speed is good.  On slower machines you can turn down the speed a bit (you were getting away with murder) and on fast machines bumping it up about 10-15 points seems fair.  That's version 0.70 Final.

There are no more Final versions.  And this time I mean it!